World’s Lightest 3-Layer Waterproof Jacket

Berghaus Hyper 100

Winning Gold at the OutDoor Show in Germany earlier this month, the new Berghaus Hyper 100 is the world’s first sub-100 gram 3-layer waterproof jacket. Instead of sacrificing durability and features in order to drop weight, Berghaus developed a new 3-layer fabric that is ultralight, durable, and delivers on waterproof performance.

Designed and engineered by the company’s MtnHaus innovation team, the Hyper 100 weighs just 97 grams (size medium). This ultralight waterproof jacket serves as the flagship product in the relaunch of the Berghaus Extrem Light collection and is the most breathable waterproof jacket the company has made to date.

The jacket is made from a new exclusive fabric developed by Berghaus called  3L Hydroshell Elite Pro. It’s constructed out of a 6-denier face fabric, 7-denier waterproof membrane, and a 8-denier backer fabric.

Despite the low weight, the Hyper 100 still provides great fit and technical features. The main body is made from one piece of fabric, reducing the number of seams and potential failure points. The rest of the jacket is designed around the shoulder blades so you get great arm lift and freedom of movement. An elastic hem, hood, and cuffs keep out the elements, while you even get a zipped internal pocket for the essentials.

I expect to see the Berghaus Hyper 100 as standard issue at ultra running races next summer. The ultralight waterproof jacket retails for £260 and will most likely cost something similar in the US.

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