New Backcountry Coffee Options

Libra Coffee

While there are plenty of ways to make coffee outdoors (see some of our favorites), sometimes you just want a quick, easy, and lightweight option. Some new brands popped up recently with the sole aim of helping you get a great cup of coffee in the backcountry without a ton of work. Afterall, the worst part of your outdoor adventure should definitely not be the coffee.

Libra Coffee Pourtables: This coffee roasting company with a clean water mission just announced the release of their portable coffee packets aimed at the outdoor and adventure set. Each packet is filled with pre-ground organic coffee in a pour-over filter and flushed with nitrogen to maintain optimum freshness. To use, all you need to do is tear open the pouch, set the filter on top of your favorite coffee mug, pour hot water over, and enjoy.

A 10-pack of Pourtable cost $19.99 and can be ordered from the company website. As Libra Coffee is dedicated to deliver clean water filters to the communities where they source their coffee, every box of Pourtables sold support 2 people with clean drinking water.

Alpine Start

Alpine Start: I have been drinking this instant coffee on pretty much all of my outdoor adventures this summer and think it tastes way better than Starbucks Via. The company was started by Matt Segal and Alex Hanafin, professional climbers, foodies, and general outdoor enthusiasts from Colorado who know the importance of a good cup of coffee before you start your adventure for the day. Soon they will be coming out with creamer versions so you don’t have to bring that separately. A pack of 8 cost $8.49 and can be ordered from the company website.

Know Brainer

Know Brainer Creamer: And for those of you that are into butter coffee or bulletproof coffee, rest easy as you can now leave your blender at home. Just add one of these packets from Know Brainer to your coffee in the morning for instant butter coffee. Each packet contains a blend of MCT oil and organic grass fed clarified butter and comes in a variety of flavors as well as a lactose-free version. For those not familiar with butter coffee, the claim is that it enhances your mental clarity and supports weight loss by helping your body learn to burn fat instead of carbohydrates. A 9-pack of the creamers costs $18 and can be ordered from the company website.

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