Turn Any Helmet Into a Smart Helmet


PhiPAL is a new wearable that turns your helmet into a smart helmet by tracking your performance metrics and alerting your contacts if you should have an emergency. Although it looks a bit like an old computer mouse, it could make a great backup safety device for those that often recreate alone and offers more functionality than something like the ICEdot.

PhiPAL comes with motion and barometric sensors that track your acceleration, position, orientation, and altitude. Any drastic change in these metrics indicates you may have had an accident. The device will ask you to verify your condition and if no response occurs, it initiates the emergency alert to your pre-defined set of contacts. The alarm sent includes your GPS coordinates as well as altitude measurements to help people find your exact location.

Similar to a Garmin, you can program PhiPAL to create a breadcrumb trail for others to follow online. And like any good wearable, the device tracks a bunch of performance metrics including such things as the distribution of forces on your body while leaning for a curve.

PhiPal includes two batteries — one for your everyday tracking and one for emergency services. This is to ensure you always have enough battery power to send pings until help arrives.

Saphibeat, makers of PhiPal, are taking pre-orders over on Kickstarter now. For $99, you can get a PhiPal — keep in mind that an emergency call center subscription will cost you another $30 annually. And also note that expected delivery is pretty much a year away still.

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