Coffee Cubes for Your Next Backcountry Adventure

Santo Coffee Cubes

Looking for a new backcountry coffee option beyond instant coffee like Starbucks Via or Alpine Start? Check out newcomer Santo Coffee. Santo makes coffee cubes that you simply drop into water or milk – no machines and no equipment necessary.

Santo Coffee Cubes are made out of coffee powder from coffee beans handpicked in Colombia and include no chemicals nor preservatives. Currently all the coffee cubes are sweetened with panela, a Colombian sweetener that is unrefined and made by evaporating sugar cane juice. Without the refining process, panela isn’t stripped of its nutritional benefits, so you’re putting vitamins and micronutrients (like Vitamin D, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and more) into your body. The company hopes to add an unsweetened cubes soon.

Santo has created multiple flavors of their coffee cubes including caramel, mocha, amaretto, vanilla, cappuccino, hazelnut, dark roast, light roast, and even decaf.

Making coffee involves just a couple of steps. Much like a bath bomb or an Alka-Seltzer tab, simply drop the cube in hot or even cold water or milk and watch as it starts to bubble and dissolve. After about 10 seconds, stir and drink. Check the video below to see how it’s prepared.

Founder Ian Bernal’s parents immigrated to the US from Colombia. Through Santo Coffee, he now wants to give back to the country (an eventually other countries across the world) by helping coffee growers and their families to have a better quality of life.

Santo is running a Kickstarter campaign to take pre-orders for their coffee cubes. For $15, you can get a couple of sample boxes of 12 coffee cubes. Delivery is expected in December.

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