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Looptworks Upcycle Coffee Travel Kit


I am a sucker for outdoor brand/coffee company collaborations. One of my recent favorites was from local SF companies Timbuk2 and Blue Bottle with their travel coffee kit. Now further up the coast, Portland company Looptworks takes the portable caffeine-fix one step further. The Upcycle Coffee Travel Kit has everything you need to make a tasty brew on the go, packed inside a gorgeous upcycled leather pouch.

New Backcountry Coffee Options

Libra Coffee

While there are plenty of ways to make coffee outdoors (see some of our favorites), sometimes you just want a quick, easy, and lightweight option. Some new brands popped up recently with the sole aim of helping you get a great cup of coffee in the backcountry without a ton of work. Afterall, the worst part of your outdoor adventure should definitely not be the coffee.

How To Get Your First Sip of Coffee Quicker


For those of us in desperate need of a caffeine fix in the morning, nothing is worse than having to wait for your coffee or tea to cool down before you can drink it. Stanley to the rescue with their new QuickSip system for Spring ’17 that sucks up excess heat from your morning cup of joe until it hits perfect drinking temp — then keeps it warm for hours after.

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