How To Get Your First Sip of Coffee Quicker


For those of us in desperate need of a caffeine fix in the morning, nothing is worse than having to wait for your coffee or tea to cool down before you can drink it. Stanley to the rescue with their new QuickSip system for Spring ’17 that sucks up excess heat from your morning cup of joe until it hits perfect drinking temp — then keeps it warm for hours after.

Ideal brewing temps for both tea and coffee usually hover around 200 degrees F, but the ideal drinking temp is around 180 degrees F and below. To save us from burning our mouths off, Stanley found a material that not only absorbs heat to quickly cool your coffee to the ideal temp, but also gives off heat keeping your coffee warm longer. This means you don’t have to order that triple shot no whip latte extra hot just so it’s still drinkable by the time you get to work.

The foundation for QuickSip is something called Tempcore technology. Tempcore is made from a non-toxic wax-like material that melts at 158 degrees F or 70 degrees C. The material absorbs energy as it melts, bringing your coffee to the ideal drinking temp quickly. As the material starts to harden when temps drop below 158 degrees F, energy is released, keeping your coffee at an ideal drinking temperature range for up to 6 hours — the overall time hot will be on par with your mug’s thermal performance.

This Tempcore material is housed inside a stainless steel tube with silicone fins that fit most travel mugs over 16 ounces. It is naturally BPA-free and dishwasher safe for cleaning time.

The QuickSip Temp Control Upgrade retails for $15 and fits in all of Stanley’s 16-ounce and over Vacuum Mugs. You can also purchase an 18-ounce Vacuum Mug QuickSip Combo for $45.

Expect to see the Stanley QuickSip collection hit shelves early next spring.

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