Get More Out of Your Stages Power Meter

Stages Dash and Link

While Quintana and Contador petition to ban the use of power meters in races, Stages gets set to release two new products to help you get more out of your power based training. Hitting shelves in early 2017, the new Dash GPS head unit and Link analytics software will help you maximize your performance and reach your training goals.

While power meters are a great tool for training, they are just added weight on your bike unless you can both see as well as know what to do with the feedback. While the Stages power meters work with 3rd party cycling computers, the new Stages Dash GPS head unit is specifically designed to coach you to your best performance — it’s a highly-focused, customizable, training device. The Dash delivers robust Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity to Stages Power and 3rd party devices, plus GPS capabilities, while introducing new features including the ability to offer guided workout coaching and specific provisions to manage critical training metrics across all devices.

Stages Link is a hub of cloud-based coaching, education, training analysis, and equipment management tools, which were developed collaboratively with the analytics experts at Today’s Plan. The system is backed by analysis capabilities currently being used in the professional peloton. Stages Link custom tailors training plans and daily workouts to benefit your performance and enable performance goals, whether the goal is to simply improve fitness or target specific races over multiple seasons. Stages Link will also help you quickly set up your Stages Dash and keep tabs on your Stages Power meter, all while being open and compatible with 3rd party devices.

Stages Link will be in beta release this fall and Stages Dash will be available early 2017, with a retail price of $399. Stages Link plan pricing is TBD, however, those of you who purchase Stages Power or Stages Dash will receive complementary access for two months.

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