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Get More Out of Your Stages Power Meter

Stages Dash and Link

While Quintana and Contador petition to ban the use of power meters in races, Stages gets set to release two new products to help you get more out of your power based training. Hitting shelves in early 2017, the new Dash GPS head unit and Link analytics software will help you maximize your performance and reach your training goals.

PowerPod Opposing Force Power Meter


Velocomp, makers of the iBike power meter, get set to release a paired downed version that is a bit more affordable for the masses at $299 retail. Unlike direct force power meters, the PowerPod opposing force power meter simply attaches to your handlebars–no need to change your crank, wheel, pedals, or bottom bracket.

Stryd – The World’s First Run Power Meter

Stryd Run Power Meter
As power meters become more affordable to the cycling masses, the devices continue to grow in popularity for training. Will power meters now transform running? According to newcomer Stryd, in order to run better and improve your efficiency, the best training tool is power.

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