4iiii Precision Podiiiium Power Meter

Precision Podiiiium

At Interbike last week, Canadian company 4iiii Innovations unveiled their latest power meter product. The Precision Podiiiium is a rechargeable, low profile crank-based power meter designed to be compatible with a wide range of cranksets.

The Precision Podiiiium power meter uses the same three-dimensional strain gauge technology found in the Precision Pro, but differences can be found in the rechargeable battery, lower profile, and crankset compatibility.

Ditching the coin cell battery in favor of a rechargeable battery, the Podiiiium will run for up to 60 hours before needing to be plugged in (the Precision Pro gets 100 hours with the coin cell battery).

4iiii claims a power accuracy of +/- 1.5%, with both ANT+ and Bluetooth compatibility for connecting to various bike computers, phones, or sports watches. If you don’t want to measure power on both legs, the Podiiiium will easily switch to a single-sided power meter on the fly.

Aiming to work with a variety of Shimano cranksets, the Podiiiium will work with the Shimano R9100 Dura-Ace, Shimano FC-6800 Ultegra, and Shimano FC-8000 Ultegra cranksets. Additional models are scheduled to be released next year. You can choose to have the power meter factory installed (you send in your crankset to 4iiii) or ride ready (you buy the full crankset from 4iiii with the power meter already installed).

Commercial availability for the Precision Podiiiium power meter is expected sometime in the first quarter of 2018. Factory install options for non-drive side start at $399, and dual factory installs are priced starting at $749. Ride ready dual options start at $999 including crankset.

For a limited time, eligible FC-R6800 4iiii customers have the option to upgrade their current single-side Precision power meter to a Precision Podiiiium Dual for only $349.

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