4iiii Releases World’s Quietest Smart Trainer


Eurobike started today and with it, the news on shiny new cycling gear keeps rolling in. At the show, 4iiii Innovations Inc. (4iiii) unveiled their latest product — Fliiiight — a smart trainer that promises to be the quietest around. As we roll into the wet and cold weather seasons, the new trainer could be a blessing for all the apartment dwelling cyclists out there or anyone who is looking for a little more peace and quiet while they train indoors.

Earlier this year, 4iiii acquired silent smart trainer company STAC Performance, so it was only a matter of time before they came out with their own branded trainer. The STAC trainer used magnets to provide resistance in conjunction with your wheel rims in place of the standard (and loud) flywheel design.

The new Fliiiight  smart trainer works off the same concept — integrated powerful magnets generate resistance against your wheel without any contact, allowing for a near silent training experience. Induction technology applies resistance for a realistic road feel with zero contact and no tire wear. So no more trainer-specific tires and no wheel removal — your bike is always outdoor or race ready.

“Fliiiight is the culmination of what we had initially envisioned with the trainer experience: silent and lightweight, industry-leading ease of setup, and a complete training experience on any platform,” says Andrew Buckrell, creator of the STAC Zero and 4iiii’s Technical Director.

The Fliiiight Smart Trainer integrates with popular training software such as Zwift and TrainerRoad and complements other 4iiii products for power measurement and heart rate monitoring. The trainer is designed to fold flat for easy storage or transport and offers 2+ hours of battery-powered operation.

The Fliiiight Smart Trainer will be available for delivery in October 2019 from select retailers.

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