Turn Your Sunglasses Into A Heads-Up Display

4iiii Heads-Up Display

Last winter, you saw the Zeal Optics Transcend winter goggles with Recon Instruments heads-up display. Now newcomer 4iiii is offering you the chance to turn any of your sunglasses into a heads-up display, removing the risks associated with looking down at your watch or cycling computer during a run or ride. 

The compact heads-up display unit, named Sportiiiis, attaches to almost any pair of sunglasses using a universal attachment point. Seven multi-colored LED lights on the end of a small boom are positioned just outside your main line of sight. The unit also includes a built-in speaker for audio cues of certain data.

Using ANT+, the Sportiiiis heads-up display unit talks to all of your compatible sensors, displaying the intensity of your current activity. Using the associated software, you can configure which sensors you would like your heads-up display unit to pair with, such as a heart rate monitor, cadence, power, and speed sensors. 

The LED lights guide you to your target intensity zone by showing if you are working too hard or too easy. You can configure zones and associated LED color display for each sensor. For example, if your heart rate is in the target zone, the green LED lights up. If your heart rate reaches your maximum zone, the red LED lights up.

If you want more detailed information on top of the LED lighting, a simple tap on the side of the heads-up display until will generate an audio cue of the exact sensor data, such as current heart rate or power output. Tapping twice will switch the unit over to the next paired sensor.

You will be able to change your settings mid-workout on your phone with both an iPhone and Android app. The average battery life of the unit is about 10 hours, so will need to be charged every couple of workouts. 

The Sportiiiis heads-up display unit retails for $199 and will start shipping at the end of the month.

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