Can Layers Of Fabric Reduce Road Rash?

Pegasus Performance road rash protective apparel

Brand new cycling company Pegasus Performance has created a line of what they call road rash protective apparel. Similar to the Road Rash Guard, the goal is to lessen the severity of road rash in the event of a crash by cutting down on the amount of friction that actually hits your skin.

Pegasus approaches the road rash problem by using strategically placed extra layers of fabric at your high risk areas areas to help cut down on friction between your skin and the road. Called Hoplite Armor, two layers of fabric slide over each other and work against the friction force, reducing stress on your skin underneath.  

Even though multiple layers may be more beneficial, the company decided 2 layers was optimum taking into account other factors such as heat, sweat, and comfort. The inaugural Pegasus line includes jerseys, bib shorts, arm and knee warmers.

Pegasus is aiming to produce high performance cycling apparel by using fabrics such as the Italian made Super Roubaix wicking nylon and Flash fabric. Dark pieces are treated with Coldblack technology so you won't overheat on those hot summer rides.

The Hoplite Armor is strategically placed on the hip and thigh of the bib shorts, as well as the arms, shoulder, and outer edges of the back on the jerseys. The outer edge of the arm and knee warmers also feature an extra protective layer of fabric. 

Pegasus Performance cycling apparel retails from $70 for arm warmers to $175 for a jersey and $275 for bib shorts. So do you think extra fabric layers will help reduce road rash? 

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