Sof Sole Fit Insole Review

SofSole Fit Insole

Most shoes you buy are designed to fit all types of feet, meaning your own feet may not always be properly supported. The new Fit Insoles from Sof Sole cater to three distinct arch types (low, neutral, high) and are designed to fill the space between your foot and your shoe, providing your body with proper support and alignment. 

Similar in concept to the Footbalance insoles though not fully custom, the Fit Insoles focus on your main foot arches as the key to better alignment. A properly fitted arch support insole can provide comfort, balance, support, and even reduce pain in other parts of your body.

To understand what arch type you have, you can either conduct a simple home test (watch the video below) or have one done in numerous sports stores that offer the service. After using the Footbalance insoles, I already knew that I had low arches, so requested the low arch Fit Insoles to test out. 

Depending on arch support level, the Fit Insoles feature 2.8 cm to 3.3 cm arch heights with increasing density levels in high rebound EVA foam. Both work together to offer you the optimum level of support and encourage your natural foot motion for ideal stability and comfort.

The EVA foam in the forefoot and the heel/arch area sits atop an anatomical nylon plate that provides torsional rigidity while maintaining flexibility. The insole is covered with an antimicrobial treated mesh top to help cut down on bacteria and foot odor. 

As low arches mean I tend to overpronate, I have found that as long as I am wearing arch supporting insoles in my shoes, I have no knee pain and also reduced lower back pain after miles of pounding on the trail. I have even started putting insoles in my everyday shoes. The Sof Sole insoles are a bit wider than the Footbalance insoles, so you may need to trim them a bit if you want to use them in normal street shoes. 

Bottom Line: If you don't have the desire or need for fully custom insoles, the Fit Insoles provide varying levels of off the shelf arch support to get the alignment and fit that you need for better comfort and reduced body pain during your outdoor activities.

The Sof Sole Fit Insoles retail for $40 and can either be purchased online or from your local footwear retailer. 


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