4iiii Precision Power Meter

4iiii Precision Power Meter

If you thought the new Garmin Vector S power meter made this training device more affordable to the masses, wait until you hear about the new Precision power meter unveiled by Canadian innovation powerhouse 4iiii. Priced at just $399, the one-sided power meter version comes in at half the price of others on the market, while amping up the precision and ease of use factor in the process.

The Precision power meter comes in the shape of a tiny pod, not much bigger than the coin cell battery used to run the device. Inside you will find the strain gage, accelerometer, and ANT+/Bluetooth Smart chips.

Similar to the Garmin Vector S, you don’t have to buy a special crank arm or head to your local bike shop to get the power meter installed. You can do it yourself in a matter of minutes using some epoxy and a calibration tool included in the package.

Precision Power Meter

The Precision pod installs on the inside of your crank arm—it will work with any crank that has a flat surface. The power meter can be installed in a left only, right only, or right and left configuration. When you add a second pod, they will talk to each other to let your bike computer know you are in a dual sensor configuration. 4iiii ran extensive tests for accuracy and claims a less than 1% error rate in mean error versus torque.

Precision communicates with your bike computer or phone using either ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart. While riding,  you will see total power displayed (averaged), as well as individual left and right power if you are using dual sensors. All of this data is recorded by your bike computer or phone for later analysis in your app of choice such as Strava.

Each Precision power meter pod weighs 10 grams and 4iiii claims a battery life of 200 hours. The one-sided Precision retails for $399, with dual at $749. An add-on power meter pod will cost you $349. 4iiii hopes to have the power meter shipping by the end of the year. One to add to your Christmas list!

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