What Songs Do Your Favorite Athletes Listen To?

Disc Breaks

Music plays an important role in all of our lives. There’s the music you grew up with, the music you workout to, the music you turn to when you want to feel better. Music is something that unites us all. So what better way to get to know some of your favorite athletes than learning about their music choices. That’s the point of Disc Breaks — a new collaboration between the Morton brothers of Thereabouts fame and Albion Cycling.

Disc Breaks publishes interviews with athletes in the form of casual conversations about the music that shaped their lives and their careers. For example, Lachlan Morton listened to the Kodak Black album ‘Painting Pictures’ on repeat during the Tour de Suisse and Coryn Rivera isn’t afraid to admit she was into Backstreet Boys and N*SYNC for awhile during the boy band heyday.

Check it out. You may just find some new music in the process or be cursed with a new earworm that will stick with you the entirety of that next century ride. Probably the best part of Disc Breaks is that they have created their own Spotify channel where you can listen to a playlist based on the songs mentioned in each interview. It’s pretty awesome and some playlists are perfect to keep you motivated on the trainer.

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