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Libra Coffee

New Backcountry Coffee Options

Libra Coffee

While there are plenty of ways to make coffee outdoors (see some of our favorites), sometimes you just want a quick, easy, and lightweight option. Some new brands popped up recently with the sole aim of helping you get a great cup of coffee in the backcountry without a ton of work. Afterall, the worst part of your outdoor adventure should definitely not be the coffee.

Handground Coffee

Handground Precision Portable Coffee Grinder

Handground Coffee

While Japanese company Porlexcurrently wears the crown on portable coffee grinders, many companies such as GSI have tried to follow suit–all with their own limitations. We all know that freshly ground beans are the holy grail of backcountry coffee, and a consistent grind is key, something you don’t normally associate with portability. Newcomer Handground hopes to be the answer to consistently good tasting coffee whether traveling, camping, or even backpacking.

Jetboil Javastein

Limited Edition Jetboil Titanium Javastein

Jetboil Javastein

We all love our Jetboil personal cooking systems but it’s not exactly feasible to make your coffee and a hot meal at the same time. Either you have to brew your coffee first and clean out the pot before making breakfast, or simply resign yourself to using your Jetboil for boiling water only. Now, Jetboil offers up a lightweight answer to all your morning coffee conundrums with the limited edition Javastein.

The Great Backcountry Coffee-Off

AeroPress Coffee

We rounded up a number of backcountry coffee making options, headed outside, and put them through their paces to figure out which made for the best backcountry brew. As coffee is pretty much essential to your daily happiness and welfare (at least mine), it is not worth skimping on. A good cup of coffee can make all the difference to your enjoyment of a backpacking trip. 

Mypressi Portable Espresso Machine For Outdoor Coffee

Mypressi Portable Espresso Machine

For those of you that are "espressoaholics" like me, this portable espresso machine might be another gadget to add to your backcountry gear list. I have previously posted on other outdoor coffee options and the Mypressi portable espresso machine is the latest.  This little portable espresso machine produces perfect shots anywhere, anytime without the need for electricity. 

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