Limited Edition Jetboil Titanium Javastein

Jetboil Javastein

We all love our Jetboil personal cooking systems but it’s not exactly feasible to make your coffee and a hot meal at the same time. Either you have to brew your coffee first and clean out the pot before making breakfast, or simply resign yourself to using your Jetboil for boiling water only. Now, Jetboil offers up a lightweight answer to all your morning coffee conundrums with the limited edition Javastein.

The Javastein is a titanium French press adapted to work with your existing Jetboil stove. Each vessel is individually numbered, ensuring you remain part of an elite, coffee loving group.

The Javastein can make up to 1.8L of French press coffee, enough for 2 people or one super caffeine hound. The system weighs just 220 grams, so won’t add a ton of weight to your backpack or camping setup. MiniMo metal handles make it easy to both boil water (it can be done right in the Javastein) and drink your coffee, while the MiniMo drink-through lid helps keep your coffee warm as you enjoy the rich brew.

The complete Javastein kit comes with the Grande Coffee Press and pot support for your Jetboil personal cooking system.

The Jetboil Javastein retails for $89.95 and starts shipping December 1st. Couple the Javastein with a Porlex Coffee Grinderand you have the makings of a truly gourmet backcountry coffee setup.

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