Keirin Cut Jeans – Made For Athletes

Keirin Cut Jeans

Most of us who participate in outdoor sports, especially biking, skiing, or even Crossfit, can proudly say we have thunder thighs. While our leg strength means we can do all sort of awesome things, it doesn’t always make for easy jean buying. We are all familiar with the need to buy jeans two sizes bigger in order to fit our powerful thighs and butt, only to leave a huge gaping hole at our waist. In comes Keirin Cut Jeans to the rescue, with tailored jeans to fit athletic bodies for both men and women.

Bay Area based champion cyclist and aspiring Olympian Beth Newell has thunder thighs, and is proud of it. Like many of us, she struggles to fit her muscular thighs in the traditional cuts offered by major jean manufacturers. She found the problem exacerbated with the current trendy push towards skinny jeans, so she set out to create a solution for herself and fellow athletes.

Keirin Cut Jeans are engineered specifically for the strong athletic physique by providing extra room in the quads and glutes for the explosive muscles athletes need to perform, while maintaining a trim waistline. All you cross-fitters, cyclists, body builders, sprinters, skiers, bobsledders, runners, weightlifters, wrestlers, and rowers alike can finally enjoy jeans that are tailored to your shape.

Keirin Cut Jeans are straight leg, dark denim jeans made with a special stretch denim for a flattering, stylish look that still provides flexibility and comfort. The jeans feature the company logo on the back left pocket, a unique credit card pocket, a leather patch, and custom buttons and rivets.

Keirin Cut Jeans has partnered with a US manufacturer and is using Kickstarter for their initial production run (project already fully funded). All jeans will be delivered in February to backers who pledge $107, and the company will work with you to figure out your exact sizing.

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