SexyFood Edible Insects

SexyFood edible insects

On your next backpacking adventure, leave the Spam at home and pack a few cans of scorpions instead. French company SexyFood is literally trying to bring the sexy back to edible insects. A great source of protein, fiber, good fats, and minerals, insects make great trail food and can already be found in the diet of some two billion people worldwide.

The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization reports that there are more than 1,900 edible insect species on Earth. Eaten both cooked and raw, 36 African countries are entomophagous, joined by 23 in the Americas, 29 in Asia, and even 11 in Europe. Only in Western countries does the practice retain the gross out factor–this is what SexyFood plans to change. Forget starting gently with cricket flour, however, these guys are going all in.

Started just this year by David Nicolas and Laurent Cortleven, SexyFood sells numerous varieties of edible insects. Positioned as upscale appetizers in black, caviar-like cans, the company’s hope is that these edible insects will help you create unique experiences with your friends and family, as well as long lasting memories.

edible insects

Available in 11 varieties, all the insects are dehydrated, fried, and free from coloring and preservatives.

Edible insects include the yellow scorpion in salt or bacon and cheese flavor ($10.84).  These small scorpions are supposedly famous for being an aphrodisiac–great for dirtbag climbers who want to impress the ladies.

The curry or barbecue flavored sago worms ($10.16) may present more of a non-gagging challenge. These ultra fleshy worms hail from the heart of Papua-New-Guinea. Harvested inside the palm trees they live in, the worms are part of the country’s traditional dishes.

One that may be even harder to swallow is the rhino beetle ($12.19). Famous for their combativeness and strong temper, the beetles are quite fleshy once in your mouth–you are advised to remove the head and wings first.

Cans of edible insects can be ordered from the SexyFood website. An Explorers Pack, containing a can of meal worms, giant black ants, small crickets, and chocolate covered super worms, would make a nice holiday gift at $34.14.

rhino beetle

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