Versatile Backcountry Coffee Mugs

Stanley Classic Nesting Vacuum Mug and Water Bottle

For me, coffee is an extremely important part of any backpacking trip. Enjoying a fresh, hot brew while watching the surrounding wilderness slowly wake up is easily one of the best parts of the day. The following versatile vessels will make it simple for you to enjoy your morning cup of joe, while not taking up too much room in your pack.

For 2013, Stanley has two nesting water bottle/coffee mug combinations, providing a single package for all the necessary trail beverages. The Classic Nesting Vacuum Mug + Water Bottle ($30) features a stainless steel, double wall vacuum insulated mug that will keep you coffee hot for up to three hours. The 16oz. coffee mug fits securely inside the 1.1L water bottle to save space in your backpack when not in use.

The Stanley Adventure Nesting Mug + Water Bottle version ($20) uses a double wall insulted mug that will keep your cowboy coffee hot for up to 1 hour while you break down camp in the morning. The 14oz. mug fits snugly inside the 1L water bottle.

Light My Fire Pack-up-Cup

Also for 2013, the Pack-up-Cup from Light My Fire is a collapsible yet sturdy mug that you can take with you wherever you go and requires virtually no space in your pack. Holding up to 260ml (9oz.) of liquid, the Pack-up-Cup has a tight lid to keep your coffee warm and protect it from dirt or curious bugs. Lines on the inside of the cup allow you to also use it as a measuring tool. The collapsible cup is stackable, easy to clean (dishwasher safe), and even microwaveable for that reheated desperation coffee. The Pack-up-Cup comes in 6 different colors.


Inspired by the low-tech collapsible cup you had as a kid, Zip Cup has been turbocharged for adults (and hot coffee) with a twist-lock mechanism and sealing technology used on space shuttles and submarines. The Zip Cup collapses down to easily fit inside your backpack.

Colorful, dishwasher safe, and free from harmful additives like BPA, the collapsible coffee mug has a drinking spout that can be sealed to prevent spillage in your tent or sleeping bag. Zip Cup founder Karla Zens is currently running a Indiegogo campaign to take pre-orders – for $15 you can get your very own 16oz. collapsible mug.

What’s your favorite backcountry coffee mug?

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