Bikergo Air Filled Comfortable Bike Seat

Bikergo air filled comfortable bike seat

Bikergo, the latest product from Bay Area design company Sascher, is taking a new approach to the comfortable bike seat and comfortable cycling in general. Sascher was founded by tech entrepreneur Steven Ascher. Sascher's first product was the Luca Bike, a folding bike with elliptical pedaling motion and a wave shaped comfortable bike seat. 

The Bikergo Rear Spoiler, shaped like a whale's tail, is an air filled comfortable bike seat that is shock absorbent, supportive and moves with your body. The broader contact area eliminates the pressure points found on a traditional seat, while at the same time not getting in your way like over padded saddles. 

Trying to improve overall cycling comfort, Bikergo goes beyond the bike seat and has made adjustments to the entire bike design. The Just Right Cranks create a 10" pedaling circle instead of a normal 14" pedaling circle, allowing you to ride longer and faster with greater comfort. A unique geometry and adjustable Personal Handlebar stem bring the handlebars higher and closer in to your body. 

The Rear Spoiler, Just Right Cranks and the Personal Handlebar all work together to let you ride with better posture and greater comfort. A fully enclosed chain, Avid disc brakes, Schwalbe Big Apple tires and attachable shopping bag ensure you will look stylish cruising around town on your Bikergo. 

The Rear Spoiler comfortable bike seat and other accessories can be bought separately from the complete Bikergo bike. 

Bikergo comfortable bike seat

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