Quoc Pham Urban Bike Shoes

Quoc Pham urban bikes shoes

Fashion designer Quoc Pham decided to merge his love of sport with his fashion degree and designed his first urban bike shoe line this year. Sleek and elegant, Quoc Pham urban bike shoes are made for the stylish rider, hopping on and off the bike, and going in and out of public places.

The urban bike shoes feel like regular cycling shoes but don't look like them at all. With no chunky soles, no Velcro straps, and no bright color combinations, you can easily walk anywhere in your Quoc Pham urban bike shoes.  They are even stylish and comfortable enough to wear out to dinner or at the office. 

Each limited addition pair is made by hand, using traditional shoe making techniques. After the initial design prototypes are rigorously tested and approved, the 1.3-1.4 mm thick leather is carefully selected. Quoc Pham has thought through the design of every inch of the shoe from the consistency of the rubber sole to the correct footbed curvature. He even has an ideal lacing technique tutorial on his website in order to achieve the best fit on your feet.  

One style is currently available in 5 different colors (though everything but black seems to be sold out on his website at the moment). An SPD/cleat version will be available soon. The Quoc Pham urban bike shoes retail for £90 and can be bought from select retailers in the UK or for the rest of the world, directly from the Quoc Pham website

(via Handmade Bikes)

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