Epic Wide Angle Action Video Camera

Epic Wide Angle Helmet Video Camera

Action video camera company Epic has launched a new, wide angle version of their popular helmet video camera. Weighing just 2.5 ounces and measuring only 3 inches long, the new wide angle action video camera can be easily mounted to your helmet, board, handlebars and even kayak. 

The new SD compatible Epic shoots high resolution video and audio for up to 200 minutes at 30 frames per second. The 168 degree wide angle lens ensures this action video camera will give you a whole new perspective on your adventures. 

The Epic Wide angle camera package comes complete with 2GB SD Card, 2 AAA Energizer Lithium Batteries and a waterproof case to keep out dirt and water. The kit also includes strap, adhesive and elbow mounting options for your action video camera. The Epic Wide will retail for $209.99 and can be bought directly from the Epic website. 

Epic is currently accepting applications from athletes to become brand ambassadors for their line of action video cameras. Anyone who is interested can apply for sponsorship through Loopd.com, MXSponsor.com or by submitting your resume directly to EpicCam@NXTagency.com

Check out pro surfer Josh Sleigh testing out the new Epic Wide surf mount below:  

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