Lib Tech Banana Magic Bio Plastic Snowboard

Lib Tech Banana Magic Bio Plastic Snowboard

Mervin Manufacturing, creators of the Lib Tech
and Gnu
line of snowboards, are passionate about making snowboard construction safer and easier on the environment. The Company has been researching and implementing natural materials and non-toxic manufacturing processes for over 25 years. Lib Tech's newest Banana Magic
snowboard model now takes Mervin's green vision even further, replacing fiberglass with 100 percent Basalt fiber and adding a new bio plastic topsheet made from castor beans that features the highest strength to weight ratio of any topsheet in the industry. 

The Banana Magic contains the same Banana Technology and Magne Traction innovations of other Lib Tech boards- they call it the naturally enhanced version. Banana Technology is designed to put more turning control between your feet and to allow for better floating in powder by adding a pre-bent rocker "banana" mid section to the snowboard. When you stand on the board, pressure is applied inward to the edge area at and between your feet as your weight presses out the rocker. 

The Magne Traction, or wavy edge design, provides better edge hold and shifts edge pressure away from the tip and tail and focuses control at and between your feet, your typical balance point. The combination of the two technologies creates a board that is loose, catch-free, presses boxes, rails and jibs extremely well, maintains pop and turns easily on hardpack. 

Mervin Manufacturing, founded by Mike Olson and Pete Saari in 1977, is one of the last snowboard companies to build their boards in the US. In 1997, the Company was bought out by Quiksilver for just under $4.5 million. Mervin prides itself on having the world's most environmental snowboard factory. The Company uses only water based solvents and renewable fast growing forest products for their wood cores. Wood dust is recycled and scrap wood is sold as kindling. Bio-diesel is used to heat the factory and there is even a bio-diesel co-op on the property that employees and local farmers can use to fill their trucks. 

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