PUYL Bike Hand Pump And Rechargeable Bike Light

PUYL Bike Hand Pump and Rechargeable Bike Light

Winner of the 2009 Eurobike Award, the PUYL bike hand pump from designer Kai Malte Rover also acts as a rechargeable bike light. The combination of bike hand pump and rechargeable bike light in one device, means the LED light requires no battery and can be recharged an unlimited number of times.

Based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, electricity for the rechargeable bike light is generated through the normal bike hand pump motion. When activated, a magnet is pushed through two copper coils located around the inner compression tube. The energy generated is stored in a rechargeable battery located within the bike hand pump. This battery then supplies electricity for the LED bulb. 

Companion urban bicycle tool

Kai has also designed some other cool cycling accessories such as the Companion urban bicycle tool. The multifunctional tool combines an allen key, hexagon wrench and a tamper proof three point key with a quick release. The urban bicycle tool comes as part of a specially designed security bike axle set which ensures the safety of the front and rear wheels. 

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