Light & Motion TAZ 1500 Bike Light


If you thought the TAZ 1200 was a bright bike light from Light & Motion, wait until you see the TAZ 1500. The new rechargeable light packs in tons more lumens with the same side color LEDs for a versatile bar-mount bike light. Get ready for plenty of night trail rides this summer.

The TAZ 1500 lets you pedal for 1.5 hours on high, 3 hours on medium, and 6 hours on low. Light & Motion regulates the light output to ensure you get the full brightness for every battery cycle—in other words, the bike light won’t gradually dim as the battery wears down.

The Light & Motion beam uses a spot with flood combination for optimum visibility. Two amber side lights ensure that you are seen while riding in traffic and at intersections where a large majority of urban bike accidents happen.

Dashboard buttons allow independent control of the front and amber side lights. The time-based race mode enables you to toggle back and forth between high and low settings, extending the bike light runtime. While critical on long bike epics, this feature is also useful when commuting so you can dim the TAZ 1500 for oncoming pedestrian and wheeled traffic. Those of us that live in the Pacific Northwest can appreciate the pulse mode—ideal for foggy, rainy riding.

At 216 grams, the TAZ 1500 won’t add a ton of weight to your bike and the tool-less mounting system (simple but secure rubber strap) makes it easy to switch back and forth between your mountain bike and commuter.

The Light & Motion TAZ 1500 retails for $299 and will start shipping in July.

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