Knog Brings Power Tool Concept to the Outdoors

Knog pwr

UPDATE: After a number of backers complained that Knog had yet to deliver product from their previous Oi Bike Bell campaign, the company decided to cancel the PWR Kickstarter campaign for the moment. 

Rechargeable batteries are becoming more and more prominent in outdoor devices. As you rarely use all these products at the same time, Knog saw an opportunity to create a more efficient system. Looking to the power tool industry as insipration, Knog created a suite of outdoor products that are powered by a single battery pack.

The Knog pwr suite includes a Bluetooth speaker, lantern, headlamp, and two bike lights. These devices are all powered by a 3200 mAH battery called the pwr bank. The battery doubles as a charger for any of your electronic devices so you can charge your phone, camera, or Garmin while out in the wild.

The pwr bike bike light comes in a 300 lumen and 800 lumen version. The pwr bike 300 uses one high powered LED for a focused beam and four smaller LEDS for a broad/soft beam, offering 60 hours of runtime on Eco Flash mode. The pwr bike 800 delivers nearly three times the output and will take you from the city to the trail with a 40 hour runtime on Eco Flash mode.

The pwr sound Bluetooth speaker is water resistant and rugged. It will run for about 22 hrs on our 3200 mAh pwr bank.

The pwr lantern has a narrow profile but throws out 100 lumens of 360-degree ambient light. When the lantern is extended, it works to light your tent or your campsite. But when it’s collapsed, it works as a flashlight with a focused beam.

The light head of the pwr bike is re-used for the pwr headtorch (that’s a headlamp to you and me).  All you need is the head strap and to turn your bike light into a headlamp — you can use both the 300 lumen and 800 lumen version.

The Knog pwr suite of products are available for pre-order over on Kickstarter. You can order each device individually or as part of a package. Prices range from $65 AUD (~$50) for the 300 lumen bike light to $175 AUD (~$134) for the whole shebang.

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