Knog Sets Out to Reinvent The Headlamp

Knog Bandicoot

Tired of bulky, scratchy, and wimpy headlamps with measly lumen output, Knog decided it was high time for headlamp design to change. With the new Bandicoot, Knog set out to solve the two main problems with headlamps — the straps are crap (they pull your hair and loose shape over time) and if you have a tiny headlamp, chances are it has an equally tiny output and one set of optics pointing in one direction.

By comparison, the new Bandicoot headlamp uses sophisticated optics that enable everything from reading to running. The headlamp has a set of four LEDs pumping out over 100+ lumens.

The high beam central LED enables you to see in the distance, while two elliptical beam LEDs off to the side add ambient light. A red LED adds night vision capability, while a set of reading downlights can be used for reading maps or a book in your tent without blinding your tent mate.

As the LEDs are all placed in the optimum position for their purpose and integrated into a single chassis with the Li-Po USB rechargeable battery, Knog was able to do away with a bulky, hinged lighthead.

The single chassis is integrated into a silicone band that won’t lose its strength over time and doesn’t need constant adjusting. The band uses a toggle system for easy tightening or loosening to fit any size head. Wearing a slightly thicker beanie? No problem, it’ll stretch over.

The Bandicoot will give you two hours of light on max output. The four reading lights are also the battery indicators — from 25% to 100%.

The Bandicoot weighs 49 grams and comes in four different colors. Knog is using Kickstarter to take pre-orders for the headlamp with delivery expected in November. Currently, you can get your own Bandicoot for around $22.

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