The Nine Lives of GoLite


To say that the GoLite brand has been through turbulent times would be a bit of an understatement. Once the darling of thru-hikers everywhere, the company filed for bankruptcy back in 2014. A year later, the founders bought the rights to all the GoLite product designs and started a new company called My Trail Co. Now, a Taiwanese firm is looking to resurrect the GoLite name but take the brand in an entirely new direction.

The new GoLite will focus on what they call Outletics apparel — running and yoga wear that is made with earth-friendly materials and processes. The line includes shirts, tanks, pants, leggings, jackets and vests that combine outdoor performance with athletic fit, aesthetic, and functionality.

One of the brand’s flagship products will be the ReGreen Windshell. The jacket is made from 100 percent recycled polyester that comes from green plastic bottles — bottles that would normally end up in a landfill as they are supposedly less desirable to recycled fabric companies. More than 80 percent of the initial GoLite line will be developed from the latest recycled fibers and processes. The company hopes to not only maintain but also improve upon that statistic each season.

Inspired by companies such as Patagonia and Cotopaxi, GoLite plans to leverage product sales – along with new company resources, materials, processes and partnerships – to power charitable and environmental initiatives. The brand has already custom-designed and delivered 12,000+ technical uniforms for Ugandan aid workers. Utilizing the micro-enterprise model, GoLite will also help people create small, sustainable businesses by putting excess fabrics into their hands. These materials enable communities to sew a future from what used to be waste.

The new GoLite will start shipping product for Spring 2019. Beyond apparel, the brand plans to eventually launch footwear, bag and accessories collections over the following few seasons.

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