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Apps Tell You What To Wear Cycling And Running

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Ever gone out on a ride or run wishing you had worn more or even less clothing? Two new iPhone apps are looking to take the guess work out of getting dressed before you head outdoors. Using local weather forecasts matched with your personal preferences, these apps tell you exactly what to pull out of the closet in the morning, without ever having to look out the window.

Icebreaker Running And Cycling Apparel

Icebreaker Run and Cycling apparel

Even though you already wear
merino wool clothing for a variety of activities, the company decided to design two new sport specific lines, one for cycling and one for running. Making use of the 10 distinct merino fabrics in the Icebreaker arsenal, the cycling and running apparel will deliver the same performance benefits and odor resistance that you expect from Icebreaker. 

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