Knog PWR Bike Lights Are Finally Here

Knog PWR

If you are a Knog fan, you may remember seeing the PWR Kickstarter campaign last year about this time. After a bit of an uproar from supporters who had yet to receive product from the earlier Oi bike bell Kickstarter campaign, Knog pulled the plug and took all development in house. The PWR bike lights are now ready for prime time.

Knog PWR is an ecosystem of bike and outdoor products designed to share a battery — much like how power tools are designed today. The battery also works as a power bank to charge your gadgets when outdoors.

The PWR lights come in two categories — Charger (PWR Commuter, PWR Rider) with integrated power banks and the bigger, more powerful Modular (PWR Road, PWR Trail, PWR Mountain) with interchangeable light heads and power banks.

The two Charger lights come with 5 pre-programmed modes, which can be further tailored in the Knog ModeMaker app. The PWR Commuter features a 850 mAh battery that will last for around 2 hours on commute mode at 200 lumens but can go up to 450 lumens for 40 minutes — enough for your commute home in the dark. The PWR Rider features a 220 mAh battery that will deliver 450 lumens of light for around 2 hours or 200 lumens for 5 hours.

In the Modular category, PWR Road delivers 600 lumens of light, PWR Trail provides 1000 lumens of light, and PWR Mountain a whopping 1850 lumens of flood lighting. These three light heads are compatible with three different strength power banks — 3350 mAh, 5000 mAh, and 10,000 mAh. The run times will vary depending on which power bank you use.

The bike lights come with a variety of different mounting options, including side mount, bar mount, and helmet mount, among others. The Knog PWR lights range in price from $55 to $200, with extra light heads and power banks ranging in price from $35 to $100.

The Knog PWR Charger category lights will start shipping soon, while the Modular category will start shipping in January.

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