Fire and Light from the Power Practical Sparkr

Power Practical Sparkr

The latest gadget from the Power Practical team is the Sparkr — a multi-functional tools that gives you the power to create fire and light wherever your adventures may take you. The Sparkr features a windproof electric plasma lighter on one end and a 150 lumen flashlight and lantern on the other to make for one essential tool in the outdoors.

As you know, lighters and matches are not always reliable in the outdoors and can be at the mercy of the weather. The taser-resembling plasma lighter, on the other hand, creates an arc of electricity that easily sparks up kindling and paper. It works in the wind, rain, and snow. And the long handle helps to reach hard to light places without burning your hands like you would with a match or lighter.

To prevent any unwanted fires, the lighter has a safety feature that requires you to press the button three times in a row before it will activate. The button is located near the head of the flashlight to keep your fingers away from whatever you’re burning.

When you are outdoors, you most likely need light in addition to flame. That’s why Power Practical decided to combine the plasma lighter with a bright, high-efficiency LED flashlight. The flashlight has three brightness settings, with a wide angle beam that pumps out 150 lumens of light. The lighter’s removable lid doubles as a light diffusing translucent cap that turns the flashlight into a lantern.

The device charges via a hidden Micro USB port, protected from rain and dust by the flashlight head. Simply twist to reveal. The Sparkr runs off a 3350 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery — it will run for 4 hours on high and 16 hours on low.

The Sparkr comes in silver or black and is currently going for a $35 pre-order price over on Power Practical’s Kickstarter campaign. The Sparkr comes with a noodle tie so you can easily hang it in your tent or around camp. Delivery is expected next June 2017.

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