Light Up Your Winter With The Luminoodle Task

Luminoodle Task

As the days grow ever shorter, no one can blame you for wanting to come home and curl up with a good book in front of the fire. But why let a little darkness get in the way of all those cool outdoor projects you’ve been working on. With a max brightness of 3,600 lumens, the Luminoodle Task lets you keep tinkering and playing well into the wee hours of winter.

The new Luminoodle Task houses a variety of LED light packs in a flexible silicone case so you can roll it, bend it, twist it, or wrap it to get the lighting just right. Instead of those horrible bright white LEDs which I have come to hate, the Task uses a blend of cool and warm colors to give you a more natural glow.

Large loops at either end and super strong magnet sliders let you attach the Task to pretty much anything. A remote control in addition to the inline control enables you to power on and off the light band as well as adjust the brightness.

The Task comes in three different varieties — Task USB, Task, and Task Link. The Task USB is 2 feet long and runs off your standard 5V USB connection, delivering 75 lumens to 1000 lumens of light.  The 5-foot long Task runs off of 12V and delivers 180 lumens to 3600 lumens of light. And the Task Link lets you daisy chain up to three 2-foot section together via either the included loop rings or the 6-foot extension cable. Battery run time is anywhere from 1 hour to 50 hours depending on model and brightness level.

As they did with their previous Luminoodle products, Power Practical is running a Kickstarter campaign to take pre-orders on the Task. Prices range from $45 for the Task USB to $169 for the Task Link. Expected deliver is in May 2018.

I would love a Task for the back of my car when camping so you can actually see what’s in all your duffel bags — the overhead lights in the car just don’t cut it. What would you use a Luminoodle Task for?

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