How to Take Your Dog Skiing or Biking

K9 Sport Sack Air

Skiing and biking with your dog is arguably one of the best things in the world but what if your furry friend is either too small, too old, or not athletic enough to keep up? According to the gang at K9 Sport, just throw them on your back, of course.

The K9 Sport Sack Air is a purpose built backpack for your dog. The bag fits a bit like a dog jacket but with a fully enclosed rear. First, you slip your dogs front legs through the front of the pack then clip the collar. Your dog’s back legs and buns get tucked into the base of the pack where you then just zip it closed over your dog’s back.

There is a safety ring that slides through the collar piece so the zipper can’t come undone when you are wearing the pack. Fully ventilated sides ensure your dog does not get too hot and a 20mm thick pad in the bottom ensures they have a comfortable perch to sit on.

The dog carrier comes in four sizes to fit almost every pup — I am pretty sure even the largest size would not fit Lola. The company says the K9 Sport Sack Air will safely carry any dog up to 30 pounds and anything over that voids the warranty, even though heavier dogs may actually fit. The way you find the correct size is to measure your dog from their rear to their collar — if you can get them into begging position to do so, even better.

For those with tiny dogs, you can buy a booster seat to enable their head to say above the pack opening and as you don’t want Fido to go snow blind in the bright sun, you can buy him some shades as well.

Not sure how I feel about this for skiing as your dog could be severely injured if you wipe out. That being said, I saw a guy riding up Mt. Tamalpais with his Chihuahua in a backpack the other day and I was extremely jealous that I couldn’t do the same with Lola. Although I’m not sure about hauling an extra 70 pounds uphill.

The K9 Sport Sack Air retails for $70 and is available now.

The dog in this instructional video is the best. Lola would never let me do this…

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