Luminoodle — More Fun Than Headlamps


Lanterns and headlamps make great outdoor lighting solutions but sometimes you want something that is not only a bit more unique, but also won’t blind your friends as you set up and hang out in camp. Outdoor LED light strips are not exactly new but still a fun option–Big Agnes came out with the mtnGLO Tent Light Accessory Kit last year, ENO with their Twilights before that, and now Power Practical follows them up with their new Luminoodle.

The waterproof Luminoodle is a 5-foot long LED light strip encased in a high quality single-piece silicone tube, and capped and glued with even more silicone to make for an IP67-rated waterproof light (waterproof up to 3 feet). Weighing 3.7 ounces and giving off 180 lumens of light, the strip contains 26 different 7 lumen LEDs. On a full charge of the optional Lithium 4400 battery pack, you can get up to 6 hours of illumination.

The Luminoodle comes with three attachment options–rubber ties that enable you to easily attach the light strip to any branch, pole, or other stick like object; 2 built-in heavy duty magnets (one at each end) and a magnet that can slide to any position so you can stick them to your car, canopy, or anything else magnetic; and a simple utility loop on one end.

A rip-stop nylon bag included in the kit lets you turn your Luminoodle into a lantern for more diffused light. Just wrap the Luminoodle around the Lithium 4400 battery pack or any other portable USB battery pack, turn it on, and stuff it in the sack.

As Power Practical achieved Kickstarter funding success for their previous four product launches including the PowerPot, the company again turned to the crowdsourcing platform to fund the Luminoodle. For $19, you can pre-order a single Luminoodle LED light strip. For $39, you get the Luminoodle and a Lithium 4400 battery pack. Delivery is expected in December.

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