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Bike Balls

One of the more, you could say, creative products I have seen in a long time is Bike Balls. A rear bike light with the suggestive shape of a certain male anatomy, Bike Balls hang off of your seat rail and naturally bob around as you ride, supposedly providing more visibility than a regular rear bike light.

Bike Balls are made from a water tight, outer silicone housing that holds a red LED module inside. The LED module is powered by two replaceable coin cell batteries. The power button and the mounting strap are integrated right into the silicone housing–simply wrap the strap around your seat rail and then clip it to itself.

Attempting to justify Bike Balls’ technical superiority versus simple novelty factor, the Canadian design team claims that by placing the LED inside of a silicone shell, the lit visible area increases from 18 square mm to 1872 square mm as the entire housing glows. Since the light bobs around on the back of your bike seat, this random movement grabs the attention of people behind and beside you, ensuring that you will be noticed.

Bike Balls has three modes: two flash modes in slow and fast patterns, and one that turns the light on solid. Gently squeeze the Balls to turn the light on and switch between the modes. Gently squeeze again to turn the Bike Balls off.

Awesome or absurd? You decide. For $13 CAD, you too could ride with Bike Balls.

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