SteriPEN Water Treatments For Life

Steripen Life Pledge

Hydro-Photon, Inc. (HPI), makers of the SteriPEN UV water purifier, announced this week their Premium Lamp Life Pledge. The pledge promises SteriPEN customers an unlimited number of water treatments, meaning once your current SteriPEN reaches the max number of treatments, the company will replace it for free.

When you register your Premium SteriPEN (a model providing 8,000 treatments), the company promises to replace the unit with a brand new SteriPEN if (and only if) you use all 8,000 treatments. Once the customer support team verifies the number of treatments on your used device, HPI will send the same or a comparable, newer model SteriPEN to you.

“Treat 8,000 liters with one SteriPEN and we’ll replace it. Treat 8,000 liters with the replacement SteriPEN, we’ll replace that one too.” said Neil MacKay, President of HPI, “It’s an unlimited promise that we can easily stand behind.”

The Premium Lamp Life Pledge is offered with the following SteriPEN models:

To learn more about SteriPEN’s Premium Lamp Life Pledge, visit the pledge page.

While this is a great initiative, I am curious if the useful life of the UV lamp is really SteriPEN’s most pressing issue? Most people I talked to that tried or still use a SteriPEN complain about battery life, bottle lip contamination, and durability. Has anyone out there powered through all 8,000 liter treatments on their SteriPEN?

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