SteriPEN Release Adventurer Opti UV Water Purifier

Steripen adventure opti with optical water sensor

The latest UV water purifier product from SteriPEN is the
Adventurer Opti
. The smallest and lightest of the SteriPEN products, it uses a revolutionary optical eye to sense the presence of water for safe use. The Adventurer Opti gives you purified water with no aftertaste, all without the need for chemicals, pumping, or filtering. 

The new SteriPEN optical water sensor found in the Adventurer Opti acts as an important safety feature intended to prevent UV exposure by allowing the UV water purifier to operate only when the lamp is completely immersed in water. If the Adventurer Opti does not detect water within 15 seconds of being activated, it will automatically deactivate itself.

As with the other SteriPEN products, the Adventurer Opti uses short wave germicidal UV light to disinfect water. This range of UV light disrupts the DNA within bacteria, viruses and protozoa such as giardia and cryptosporidium, rendering them unable to reproduce and therefore harmless. The device purifies 0.5L in 48 seconds and 1.0L in 90 seconds. 

The UV lamp within the Adventurer Opti provides up to 8,000 one-liter treatments and a set of batteries will last you for up to 50 liters of purification. An insulating sleeve around the UV lamp keeps the lamp warm to allow you to purify even the coldest of water. 

The optical water sensor doubles as an LED flashlight. The flashlight mode is activated by pressing and holding the flashlight button for 3 seconds. Once illuminated, the clear lamp cover focuses the LED light. Simply press the button again to turn off the flashlight. 

Adventurer Opti UV water purifier package
includes two CR123 batteries, a neoprene case with belt loop and retails for $99.95. You can also buy rechargeable CR123 batteries to use in the SteriPEN. 


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