SteriPEN’s First Rechargeable UV Water Purifier

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The latest UV water purifier from SteriPEN is their lightest and smallest to date. To top it off, the SteriPEN Freedom works automatically and features a USB rechargeable battery, making it the perfect go anywhere device for clean water.  

At 5.1 inches long and weighing 2.6 ounces, the SteriPEN Freedom can easily fit into your pocket, top of your backpack, or even in your handbag for use when you travel. 

Fully automatic, simply immerse the SteriPEN Freedom into 0.5 L of water and the UV lamp will illuminate. Stir for 48 seconds and the UV light will have destroyed over 99.9% of any bad bacteria, viruses or protozoa that would normally make you sick. To sterilize a full liter of water, simply treat the bottle twice.  

The SteriPEN Freedom also features a LED flashlight, located near the USB port. To activate the flashlight, hold the UV water purifier horizontally and rotate your wrist back and forth three times. The LED light will remain on for three minutes before shutting itself off. Otherwise, rotate your wrist back and forth once more and the flashlight turns itself off. No more fumbling for tiny buttons in the dark. 

The integrated Lithium-ion battery recharges via a micro USB port, meaning you can use your computer, compact solar charger, such as the Brunton Restore, or a normal wall outlet to recharge your UV water purifier.  

On a single charge of the SteriPEN Freedom, you can get up to 40 treatments. The UV lamp and battery will last for over 8,000 treatments, or 3 treatments a day for the next 7 years. 

The SteriPEN Freedom retails for $119.95 and will be available this Fall. 

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