Berghaus VapourLight Collection Gets Even Lighter

Berghaus VapourLight 2.0

For 2015, Berghaus took their already ultralight VapourLight collection and made it even lighter.  Even though the rainwear, insulated jackets, and other pieces were built with long distance trail runners in mind, this gear would be a dream for any type of ultralight enthusiast.

Obligatory gear on any ultra race is there for a reason–runners need to have a certain level of responsibility for themselves if the weather turns bad (and it can turn really bad). Berghaus quickly recognized the value of ultralight gear that does not skimp on performance–it can give a runner or even long distance hiker a huge advantage accumulated over the many hours and days on the trail.

The updated VapourLight Hyper Smock 2.0 ($150) sets a new level as the world’s lightest waterproof jacket weighing just 75 grams (67 grams for women), dropping 35 grams off of last season’s 110 gram weight. The bulk of the weight savings comes from Berghaus’ new super lightweight fabric–Hydroshell Hyper–and ultra-lightweight seam tape. Further athlete driven improvements include a closer fitting hood with a tab down feature to reduce weight and eliminate flapping and the addition of a zippered chest pocket for quick access essentials.  The jacket packs down to a size smaller than your new iPhone 6 and comes with its own stuff sack. The Hyper Smock 2.0 is available in both a men’s and women’s version.

VapourLight Hydroloft

The Men’s VapourLight Hydroloft Race Smock ($200) claims to be the world’s lightest synthetic midlayer. The jacket combines ultra-lightweight warmth with a reversible twist–you can wear it one way round for wind proofing and the other for better cooling and breathability. The VapourLight Hydroloft Race Smock is a stripped-down, 156 gram, pull-on design with minimal frills, using 40g Berghaus Hydroloft Elite synthetic insulation. Stretch bonded cuffs and hem make for a close fit that seals in warmth. The highly packable insulated jacket comes with its own stuff sack.

The rest of the Berghaus VapourLight collection includes fast hiking pants, shorts, short sleeve shirts, and even a backpack for head to toe ultralight goodness.

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