Scale Mount Asgard In Berghaus Climbing Game

Berghaus Mt Asgard Climbing Game

Did you love The Asgard Project movie and want more?  Now you have the chance to join Leo Holding, Sean Leary, Carlos Suarez and their team to experience the climb for yourself. Make your own free ascent of the north face of Mount Asgard with the new virtual climbing game from Berghaus.  

The climbing game is designed to capture the essential elements and experiences from the team's original ascent of Mount Asgard. As you climb through three sequentially more difficult stages, you are met with snow blizzards, rock avalanches, wind gusts and loss of balance and stamina.

You are allowed to train before you start climbing and I highly recommend it. The stages have numerous possible belay points and it is up to you to find the best and most efficient route. You climb from belay point to belay point by using the arrow keys and the "A" and "S" keys to keep your balance centered. 

As you climb, your stamina level drops and you need to get to the next belay point before you start breathing heavy and your energy runs out. At each belay point, you can hang out for awhile until you feel rejuvenated again. Insiders tip- use the cracks to save energy!

You are scored on how fast you climb each stage, the number of falls you take, the number of belays used, number of rocks dogged and how well you kept your balance throughout the climb. Upon successful completion of each stage, you unlock videos from The Asgard Project as well as further information on Berghaus such as the gear the team wore on the trip.  

The Mount Asgard climbing game is a great way to pass your lunch hour or for something to do if you are bored at work. I warn you that it is surprisingly frustrating and addicting. Needless to say, with my current overall score in the climbing game, Berghaus won't be sponsoring me anytime soon.

(via OutdoorsMagic)

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