Lippi Outdoor Selkbag Way Cooler Than A Snuggie

Lippi Outdoor Selkbag

If your significant other is begging you to get them a Snuggie for the holidays, consider the Selkbag from Lippi Outdoor instead. Chilean company Lippi Outdoor is getting ready to launch two new versions of the infamous Selkbag- the Selkbag Down and the Selkbag Prime. Lippi Outdoor makes everything from base layers to shells and packs and is currently sold everywhere from Amazon to Mountain Gear.

The original Selkbag and Selkbag Adventure are filled with polyester hollow fiber or micro fiber and rated at extreme levels of 0ºC and -9.8ºC respectively. The original design actually won the ispo Brand New Award back in 2007. The new Selkbag Prime, featuring Primaloft insulation, will make the Selkbag warmer, even in wet conditions. The Selkbag Down features 800 fill down insulation, making it not only warmer but more compact.

All Selkbags come with micro fleece mittens concealed in a pocket inside the sleeves, an internal front pocket, double insulation in the feet with Cordura grip strip foot bottoms, thermal collars around the neck and hood, and enhanced draft tubes to insulate all openings.

How does the Selkbag differ from hanging out in a full down suit you say? Think of it as wearing footed pajamas versus regular old pjs. For those of you who have restless leg syndrome or can’t sleep well confined in a mummy bag, the Selkbag may be for you. Or it could just be a much hipper way to stay warm hanging out on the couch or in front of your computer this winter.

The Selkbag seems to be going in the opposite direction of the Alite Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag.

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