Rottefella’s Progressive NTN Telemark Bindings

NTN Telemark Bindings

Norwegian company Rottefella has updated their progressive new NTN telemark bindings that redefine free heel technology. The NTN telemark bindings offer the simplicity and security of an alpine binding and give riders unparalleled edge control, all without sacrificing the freedom of the heels. 

Leaving the traditional 75mm duckbill behind, the NTN telemark bindings enable an easier, smoother and stronger ride. The bindings increase lateral stability, edge control and have adjustable forward flex provided through the new spring technology. When using the NTN telemark bindings, riders experience an immediate energy transfer from boot to edge. 

The Easy In/Easy Out feature means you never have to bend over to put on your telemark bindings again. With your ski pole, simply flick the lever open, step in, and push the lever back down. The NTN telemark bindings have a sideways release systems. The springs in the bindings, can be tightened or reduced according to your desired release value.  The tour lever can be flipped open for free-pivot touring and for steep climbing, the heel piece can be set in an upright position. 

Depending on your weight, boot size and ability, you can choose from four different Power Tubes (springs): Extra soft, soft, medium and rigid. Standard 95 mm ski brakes are included and 110mm ski brakes can be bought as accessories. 

NTN boots are currently made by Scarp, Garmont and Crispi. If you want to try before you buy and experience the progressive NTN telemark bindings for yourself, AMR Ski Rental in Breckenridge will be offering a full line of NTN rental equipment this season. And even better, if you happen to be in Breckenridge this week, AMR is offering free NTN demos with the presentation of a ski pass. 

"The boot and binding integration is much more powerful," said AMR owner Dave Stillman, an evangelical convert to NTN. "You're not skiing out of the toe as in the conventional 75mm system; you're skiing out of the whole forefoot."

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