Makboard see through snowboard

Makboard is a new California company that has developed the first 100% recyclable, invisible snowboard. Truckee resident Bob Candler, inventor of the Makboard, wanted a snowboard experience closer to that of surfing. He enlisted his cousin Bob Ryan, to help create the invisible snowboard that allows you to carve, slash and surf the mountain. 

The Makboard is made of Makrolon from Bayer Material Science. Makrolon is a durable, strong, high-tech polycarbonate that is used in bullet proof windows, goggles and helmets. It is noted for it's high light transmission (hence the invisible snowboard), high toughness and high dimensional stability. The boards are designed in Truckee and manufactured in Charlevoix, Michigan. 

The invisible snowboard features two concave channels on the bottom of the board, which direct snow towards and through the wide holes drilled in the tail. This patented "Flow-Thu" technology design reduces drag, increases speed and makes the Makboard more stable when traveling straight. The Makboard is compatible with all makes of traditional snowboard bindings and boots. 

Even though the invisible snowboard is made from a high tech resin, the edges act like steel and can be sharpened with a file just like any other snowboard. Regular snowboard wax can be rubbed on the bottom of the Makboard, but hot wax should not be used as it is not very Makrolon friendly! Because the material is so strong, you won't blow out an edge, rip out the bottom, or delaminate the invisible snowboard if you accidentally hit some rocks. 

All the Makboards are 100% recyclable. Just return your used Makboard to the Company and they will turn it into a new invisible snowboard. The Makboard is currently offered in one 157cm size and retails for $300 from the company website. Additional dealers and demo events are coming soon. 

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  1. Hi, i’m try to get the adress mail of both Bobs .to try to get a delivery (i’ve tried their webside but doesn’t seems to work) so could you help out, thank you

  2. I have called the number you gave Johann but it doesn’t seem to work and neither does the makboard site. Could you please help me out, thank you.

  3. I’ve been looking for this board for about a year and also have others looking for it, but no luck. I’ll let ya’ll know if I find some if you’ll do the same for me. Thanks.

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