Winter Goggles With Integrated Direct To Eye Display

Recon Instruments Winter Goggles

Vancouver, Canada based Recon Instruments is about to bring you those Mission Impossible winter goggles you always dreamed of. Recon's patent-pending technology platform integrates a Head Mounted Display system directly into a pair of winter goggles. With state of the art sensor and GPS technology, the integrated display provides easy access to live navigation, communication and performance based information. 

While wearing the Recon winter goggles, you can receive information in real time while on the move. You can toggle between details such as a map of your location and your friends location on the mountain, speed, air time, jump height, distance, altimeter, and stop watch.  The display will even integrate with your cell phone to show text messages and call information or send your precise location to search and rescue in an emergency.

All of this information is delivered in a virtual image and wrapped up in a pair of top tier winter goggles. Minimum interaction is required to use the technology and the built-in easy to read display is non-obtrusive in both your front and peripheral vision. Apres-ski, all recorded information can be uploaded to share and compare with your friends. 

Recon's mission is to become the industry standard in direct-to-eye communications applied in all fast paced environments including cycling, mountain biking, running and even kite surfing. The Company is one of the nominees for this year's ispo Brand New Award. 


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