Add A Micro Optics Display To Your Ski Goggles This Winter

Recon Instruments MOD Live

Numerous innovative outdoor related gadgets are being released in advance of the big Consumer Electronics Show this January. Recon Instruments has taken their GPS display technology, integrated into ski goggles such as the Zeal Optics Transcend, and made it completely modular to instead fit your ski goggle of choice.

The MOD and MOD Live are snap-in GPS Micro Optics Display units for your ski goggles. While on the slopes, you can now view crystal clear graphics featuring real-time data through a virtual image that hangs like a big-screen TV in front of you.

Both models are GPS enabled and can display a variety of information including your speed, jump analytics, vertical, altitude, location, distance, tracker, run-counter, and temperature. The MOD Live unit, however, is built on an Android platform, meaning it can incorporate advanced applications similar to an Android cell phone. 

Recon Instruments MOD Live

The MOD Live unit will come pre-installed with four applications. The Buddy Tracking app lets you see where you friends are on the mountain, while Smartphone Connectivity lets you view and operate your Android phone from your ski goggles.

The Navigation app helps you find your way across resorts trail maps, including points of interest such as the nearest restaurant or ski rental. You will be able to sort through your music playlist and in the near future, connect to your wireless enabled helmet camera via Bluetooth. 

The MOD and MOD Live units will snap fit into any so called Recon Ready ski goggles. Recon currently partners with Zeal Optics, Uvex, Briko, and Alpina. The MOD ($299) and MOD Live ($399) units are available now. 

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