New Helmet And Goggle Technology From POC

POC Spin

For use in its 2017-2018 snow collection, POC gets ready to announce a couple of new technologies at SIA and ISPO next week. SPIN is a new helmet technology created to counter the effects of oblique impacts; and Clarity is a new lens technology for higher contrast vision on the slopes.

Working with medical experts in the POC Lab, the company found that the most common type of fall when skiing results in an angled, or oblique, impact with the ground or another object which can lead to a rotation of the helmet and head. Research has shown that compared to a direct, or linear, fall, the force required to cause serious head injury from an oblique impact is often much lower.

To counter these type of impacts, POC created SPIN pads — these pads are integrated in a unique pattern inside the helmet and add an extra layer of rotational impact protection by shearing in any direction. This allows your head to move relative to the helmet, reducing the force transmitted to the brain.

SPIN will feature in a number of the 17/18 season helmets, including the POCito helmets which not only include SPIN, but integrated lights as well.

POC Clarity

The new goggle lens technology, Clarity, was developed together with Carl Zeiss (of camera lens fame). The lenses feature highly tuned and specific base tints, which provide enhanced contrast and light so you can react faster to changes in terrain and make more precise turns.

Clarity will come in two categories, Clarity and Clarity comp, which have base tints tuned to all day precision on the mountain and intense short term competition needs. There are three different lens colors for each which are all Cat 3 but have varying degrees of VLT (Visible Light Transmittance) for different weather conditions from full sun to overcast.

Clarity will be available in some existing goggle models, but also in a brand new goggle, Orb Clarity, for the 17/18 season.

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