Smith Expands ChromaPop Snow Goggle Offering

ChromoPop Goggles

As the Smith ChromaPop snow goggles fly off the shelves this winter, the company gets set to follow up their success with an expanded line for next year. Adding 8 new lens tints and a brand new oversized goggle, Smith goes all-in with ChromaPop snow.

If you recall, Smith’s ChromaPop snow lenses enhance visual clarity, provide greater definition, and reveal natural color for all types mountain adventures. For Winter 2017-2018, Smith will expand the ChromaPop snow lens tints from three to 11 choices. This offers a wider range of options for a variety of conditions and environments. The lens technology filters light at two specific wavelengths to eliminate color confusion to the brain while providing a sharper, easier and faster visual experience.

ChromaPop snow lenses are divided among three categories: Sun, Everyday, and Storm. Available in four exterior tints on a gray lens base, ChromaPop Sun lenses allow between 9-16% of visual light transmission (VLT) to the eye. Perfect for cloudless days and blazing light conditions, ChromaPop Sun lenses ease the harsh glare of high elevation brightness while allowing you to see more detail in the terrain ahead. In addition to the Sun Green Mirror tint, Smith added the new Sun Black, Sun Platinum Mirror, and Sun Red Mirror to the collection.

The most versatile of the offerings are the ChromaPop Everyday lenses, available in five exterior tints on a brown lens base, providing 23-50% VLT. Suited for a wide range of conditions and light, ChromaPop Everyday lenses enhance every undulation of snow so you can react quicker. New tints include Everyday Green Mirror, Everyday Violet Mirror, Everyday Rose and Photochromic Rose Flash, in addition to the Everyday Red Mirror option.

Tuned to optimize contrast even on the worst days, the ChromaPop Storm lenses enhance visual definition when the storm moves in, the light goes flat, or the daylight fades. Accompanying the Storm Rose Flash lens, Smith introduces the new Storm Yellow Flash allowing even greater brightness for dull days. Both ChromaPop Storm tints feature a rose lens base and offer 50-65% VLT.

ChromaPop snow lenses are available in all colorways of the I/O collection, the Vice and Virtue models, the cylindrical series including the new Squad XL ($130-$160; pictured top) — an oversized, semi-rimless frame, Squad, and Riot goggles, all models within the Turbo Fan Collection and OTG series, and in the Grom goggle for little rippers. Replacement ChromaPop lenses can also be purchased to accommodate existing frames of the above styles.

All new ChromaPop snow lens tints, as well as the new Squad XL goggles, will be available in September 2017.

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