Protect Your Goggles in Style This Winter


I just returned home from a week of skiing in the Banff & Lake Louise area of Canada. Pretty much everyone we saw there was using a super cool product to protect their goggles on their helmet while not in use. Meet the gogglesoc.

The gogglesoc is an elastic-lined stretchy microfiber cover that protects your goggle lenses from scratches while they are not being used. Throw on your gogglesoc when you are done skiing for the day, at après time, when you head into the lodge for lunch, or even to stuff in your gear bag if you should remove them from your helmet.

It’s a simple product but a pretty brilliant idea given the number of times I have scuffed up my goggles when setting them on the ground or dropping them from a table. The gogglesoc doubles as a lens wipe when you are out on the slopes.

Gogglesocs come in a huge variety of colors and patterns — my favorites are the Rave Cat and the various Resort Collections. I now wish I would have bought one from Banff.

But have no fear, you can get your own gogglesoc online from the company website. Each lens cover costs $14.95 so you could purchase a variety to match your ski outfit or your particular mood that day, or even one for every pair of goggles you own.

And for those that might be interested in a custom gogglesoc, the company can provide custom printing with minimum orders of 320 units.

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