Bonk-Free Workouts With Recon Refuel

Recon Refuel

As you run or ride, it’s not always easy to know exactly when to eat or drink, let alone remember to actually do so. In order to keep you happily bonk-free during your training, Recon Instruments developed a nutrition app to work in conjunction with their heads-up display unit, Jet.

Called Refuel, the app alerts you when to drink and eat during your workout and even after your ride or run. Developed in conjunction with Brendan Brazier, a former professional Ironman triathlete and two-time Canadian ultra marathon champion, the app uses an algorithm that considers age, weight, height, gender, altitude, distance traveled, heart rate, and either pace (running) or speed (biking) to make individualized nutritional suggestions.

Notifications pop up on Jet’s display just below your right eye (the goal is also to have notifications available on other wearables and phones eventually). During an activity, the Refuel app calculates your exercise output, including calories burned, and tells you when to rehydrate and fuel up based on the criteria above. When you finish, the app will also suggest the amount you should drink and eat for optimal recovery.

As Recon gets set to release their SDK later this month, the Refuel app is the company’s first step in demonstrating the power of software integration with their devices.

You can currently download the Refuel app for free from Recon’s App Center.

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